Construction Safety

How to make construction safer in low and middle income countries

​Achieving international safety standards in construction projects in low and middle income countries can be challenging, especially when engaging community construction workers. This can be suggested to be due to a number of factors including a lack of safety culture which can be further compounded by long supply chain, lack of budget allocated to safety, tight timeframes, lack of injury reporting culture, and hazardous terrain. Our practical construction safety training is designed to be accessible to all participants irrelevant of literacy or background. Our training is highly interactive and uses visual imagery and kinaesthetics to engage participants.

Below are examples of our construction safety training content:

  • Risk assessments

  • Method statements

  • How to prevent slips and falls

  • Manual handling

  • Incentive systems

  • Working at height

  • The importance of injury reporting including near misses

  • Safety consideration for the surrounding community

  • On-site camping safety

  • Toolbox talks 

  • Welfare facilities 

  • Safety signage

  • Economic and social impact of injury

  • Promoting a strong safety culture

  • Safety goal setting for managers and leadership team

Our training is delivered in a variety of formats depending on contextual suitability. We deliver face to face training, trainer of trainers (ToT), online resources, audio recordings, and video recordings. 

Example Of Height Safety Training Video

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