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Preventable injury can devastate people's lives. People living in poverty are more at risk of injury, yet they have least access to safety support. This is why we exist. Every time you make a purchase, you give the gift of safety. Your purchase enables us to give safety support to a family or organisation in need through our sister NGO Safetyknot Nepal

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Did you know?

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People are shocked to learn that 5 million people die from injuries every year. People are even more shocked to hear that most of these deaths were preventable and these lives could have been saved.

This is why we exist.

We provide contextually appropriate safety support to families and organisations to stop preventable injuries, associated disabilities and deaths from happening. We work in low and middle income countries because this is where 90% of injury related deaths happen

How we started

While working in the charity sector in Asia, Safetyknot Founder Katherine Weatherburn was shocked by the number of people she met who had suffered a serious injury. Common injuries such as road traffic collisions, burns, cuts and falls were happening on a daily basis and were devastating people’s lives.

Katherine realised that most of these injuries had two things in common. They happened to people living in poverty and the majority of injuries were preventable

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Safetyknot began in Nepal in 2017 with a mission to promote safety and prevent injury. Safetyknot Nepal is an NGO registered with the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu. Safetyknot Nepal provides safety training to families and charities in need of safety support. Safetyknot Nepal is led by seven Nepali board members who champion safety and injury prevention.

More recently Safetyknot Ltd, a UK registered purpose driven business was added to the Safetyknot Family. Safetyknot Ltd was created with a mission to deliver safety support to families and organisation in countries with high rates of preventable injury

What we do

We exist to provide safety support to people who need it the most. Many health and safety organisations exist, but very few focus on improving safety in developing countries. We  design and deliver contextually and culturally appropriate safety support to those who need it the most.

All of our training is designed to be accessible to everyone irrelevant of literacy rates

“You used lots of pictures in the training, so even those who cannot read or write are able to understand” Sita, farmer & mother of three

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We overcome safety barriers by ensuring that all of our support is culturally and contextually appropriate.

“Injury in my family has reduced as a result of this training” Raju, construction worker & father of two

Safetyknot continually strives to support those most in need of safety support. Together, we can realise our vision of a world free from preventable injury

Got a question?

If you have any questions about Safetyknot Nepal or you would like to find out more about the work we do, get in touch. We love to talk about safety and look forward to hearing from you!

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