School & Child Safety

How to promote child safety

To promote a safer school or residential care home, we belief that everyone needs to be involved from children and students, to teachers, management and support team members. We conduct innovative research with multiple stakeholders to better understand safety issues from different perspectives. We then use our research findings to design safety training, which we deliver to children using song, dance, and visual imagery. As well as working with children, we work with teachers, support team and management using real life scenario based training to promote a safer environment.

  • Safeguarding

  • Classroom safety

  • Water safety

  • Fire drills

  • Earthquake safety

  • Typhoon safety

  • Flash flooding

  • Swimming lessons

  • Road and pedestrian safety

  • Playground safety

  • Safety for children with special needs

  • Animal safety

  • School kitchen safety

  • School trips

  • Trainer of teachers (ToT)

  • Safety teaching curriculum and resources


School Safety Desk
Safety Song
Fire Drill Register
Safety Drawings

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