Our Vision

A world free from preventable injuries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep families and organisations safe and injury free. We provide safety support in developing countries to stop avoidable injuries from happening.

Why We Exist

Most people are shocked to learn that 5 million people die from injuries each year and that 90% of these injury related deaths happen in developing countries. They are even more shocked when they hear that most of these injuries are preventable. This is why we exist.

Safetyknot Ltd

Safetyknot Ltd is a UK registered purpose driven organisation providing safety consultancy to families and organisations based in developing countries.

The Founder of Safetyknot, Katherine Weatherburn had been working in Asia for 10 years, and during that time she had seen at first hand the devastating social and economic impact preventable injuries can have on families and organisations, so that's why she started Safetyknot.

Safetyknot Nepal

Safetyknot Nepal is a Nepali NGO dedicated to promoting safety and preventing injury in Nepal. We work with individuals, communities, international development organisations and donors to make Nepal a safer place.

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